6 FIGURE THERAPIST MASTERMIND is a training for therapists, counselors, and service based professionals, who want to start, grow or enhance their business.

Bring  PURPOSE, passion & Profit to your Practice Now

What if you could...

Not have to compromise your passion to make a profit

Have the private practice of your dreams

Break through fear, doubt, and uncertainty about owning a business

Create a work/life balance that empowers you to live to work, not work to live

Attract ideal clients who you love working with  

Take big action to grow your business confidently and with ease

Market your business in a way that feels effortless and not "salesy"


Become a leading and sought out expert in your industry


Well YOU CAN! And I will be right there with you to make all this happen and more with: 

6-Figure Therapist Mastermind

What's included in this program:


10 Full Modules of In Depth Business Building:

I have created 10 Full Teaching modules that cover all the necessary topics in building your business to have passion, purpose and profit. We will use this time to address aspects that are relevant specifically to the field of Private Practice ownership, in addition to developing clarity on your business, goals, and necessary action moving forward. 


Project Private Practice Workbook and Templates:

I want to make sure you get everything out of your Project Private Practice experience. Therefore, you will have your very own workbook that will have information on all the topics we cover throughout the weekend, exercises to help you get the most out the training, and follow up strategies to help you take massive action after the training ends. 

Mindset & Emotions Training:

Not often do we think of mindset and emotions to be a necessary piece to the business puzzle, but let me tell you, what you believe about what you are capable or incapable of is 95% of the battle. Mindset and emotions are what will ultimately leverage your business, if you know how to implement it effectively. 

Marketing Magic:

I hear from therapist's all the time that this is their least favorite part the gig. Guess what? It doesn't have to be! We will spend a portion of our time discovering all the market options and determine the ones that are best suited for you. Believe me, whether you are an introvert or extrovert marketing can be magical!

Passion, Purpose, & Profit:

It's important you create a business that conveys your passion to the world, has a clear purpose, and can generate a profit. This training will allow you to carve out your ideal client, create your mission statement, define your niche market, and help determine your fee and value. You will leave with confidence in your vision.

Dream Team:

You probably haven't even thought about hiring anyone else to help facilitate all aspects of your business. But, by allowing others to do the things that you do not like to do (i.e. accounting) will leave you more time to do the things you want to do (i.e. travel, write, see clients etc.) I will teach you how to develop your dream team within any budget.

Technology for Impact & Influence:

Turn's out there is a whole world out there waiting to hear about the amazing work you do, so let's take advantage of the many benefits that technology has to extend our impact and influence. This training will provide you with an understanding of how to use technology to leverage your business from local to global.

Elite Level Experience:  

I struggled to get my practice off the ground, worked multiple jobs, and at one point even thought "maybe I shouldn't work in this field anymore", so I get it. Starting a business can be insanely overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.  I have worked with many service based entrepreneurs who have gone from just having an idea to building a profit producing private practice. It is with every part of my being that I want to help you make your dreams a reality and promise to support and challenge you on this journey to help you feel good about your impact, influence, and income. 

Pre-Release Price Only $997 ($1997 regularly)

6-FIGURE THERAPIST MASTERMIND set to release April 1, 2019

I can't let you leave without a little something special....


Bonus #1
Personal Strategy Session

Enroll in the 6 Figure Therapist and receive a Live Complimentary Strategy Call with me. This call will allow you to define your vision more clearly and have total accountability to leverage your business in a big way!

($500 VALUE)

Bonus #2
Spotlight Feature

I want to share your success with everyone. Therefore you will get exclusive spotlight feature on my webpage, & newsletter that reaches over 1,000 people each month. Who doesn't love free marketing?


($997 VALUE)

Guest Expert
Bonus #3

Have a complimentary Google Adwords session with our Marketing Strategist Tessa Jackman. She is the go to in creasing your optimization, SEO, and online blueprint. To increase your visibility online to increase sales and drive marketing. 

($500 VALUE)

Claim your $4000 OF VALUE FOR JUST $997...hurry price is going up soon. 


Who is this program for?

Therapists, counselors, service based entrepreneurs looking to take massive action to create the business and life of their dreams. You are ready to step up to the plate and do whatever it takes to turn your passion into profit in your private practice.


How is this training structured?

We will be spending appropriate time on each of the subjects areas listed above. We will take consideration for questions around each area, to ensure you leave with a clear sense of your next steps

What makes this training different?

What makes this program different is that this is real business coaching for real, passionate practitioners who do not want to compromise their life's purpose for major profit. This is a fast track program to building a business and life that is true to who you are. My previous students have suggested I am a no b.s. coach. I do this because I want you to be successful and not waste another moment of your life doing something that does not light you up. You are meant for big things and I will push you to go and get them, even in 2 days. 

1 Day Intensive

What if there is a topic that wasn't listed above?

No worries, we have some flexibility to make sure we cover all the bases. I want to share every bit of knowledge I have with you to set you up for major success. 


Will this training get me clients?

This training will be full of resources and information to help you understand what you need to do to align yourself to attract all the clients you desire. Ultimately it's up to you, your goals, and your actions to get those clients. I will be here to support you as well as hold you accountable. 

What if I do not know if private practice is right for me, is this training still useful?

This is a great question to be asking yourself and it's okay to not know the answer. This program will most certainly help you in understanding if working in private practice is right for you. This is a part of the process to explore and discover what is right for you. I want to meet you where you are at and help you in whatever way it useful to you.


The standard price people pay for group business coaching program like this is often between $1000-$5000.

What's included in this course is based on what I have learned in 5 years of business owning experience, and after investing over $50,000 in myself and my business. 

You can try to do this all yourself (believe me, I tried that too) and you will spend many years waiting on your passion and most certainly waiting on a profit. Or... we can start right now and have money in the bank in no time!

I am truly passionate about supporting my clients to the fullest of my abilities to ensure the most optimal business building experience, therefore these spots do fill up quickly. This is a unique opportunity to get one-on-one support from me at a significantly reduced rate. So if you are serious about having success in your private practice, you are wanting to take action now, and believe that you are meant to do BIG things in this world, then now is a time to say YES to YOURSELF! 



I have been working with Bridget for four years now, and I can honestly say that it has been a period of intensive growth, professional development, and self-empowerment. She has been a mentor for me in every possible realm of my private practice. Bridget has helped me hone and build upon my skills and utilize my personal strengths, resulting in my ability to provide a higher quality of service to each and every client who walks into my office. She has questioned and confronted my stories until I was clear and congruent about what I truly want for my business, for my income, and for my life as a whole. She has been my guide through the worlds of marketing and business ownership; fields that I had no previous experience in. She has been the light that illuminated my own process—from the patterns in my life that were not serving me professionally and personally, to the obstacles preventing me from really going after my goals wholeheartedly. Above all, Bridget has helped me to understand that I get to create and dictate my own reality, I get to have faith in myself, and I get to wake up everyday feeling passionate and worthy in my work. 


Alicia Leto, Therapist

"Bridget has challenged me in ways I never thought were possible. She is empathetic, yet honest. She knows how to push you beyond your limits but is sensitive to your needs. I have seen this in myself and many of the others she works with. Her skillet for understanding out human experience to enhance our daily lives is profound. In the time I have worked with her I have seen many changes in my life and work. Prior to working with her I often found myself in repeating patterns with a lack of understanding of how to create flow and ease in these areas. Her teaching and coaching have led me to be able to implement consistent solutions, regardless of the challenge. I now feel I have more say in my destiny, the ability to handle my emotions, and the energy to face all of my fears. She is an extraordinary women who has a massive impact on not only my life, but many others she comes into contact with. I highly recommend the opportunity to work with her, as she says, 'your life will be very different'."

Geneieve Johnson, Therapist

"Working with Bridget was a positive experience for me in that I was given the space I needed to explore new ideas and leave questions open without pressure to fix myself.  I always felt inspired to bring my own, personal style  and explore my unique interests.  Bridget was skilled in reflecting back to me challenges that were arising in my life and how it related to my own process and personality."

Jodi Alieksaites, LPC www.singingstone.org

I am so grateful for the 3 months I worked with Bridget.  Even as I was experiencing fear and doubt about beginning my psychotherapy practice, Bridget used her humor and calm demeanor to help me reconnect with my WHY and my passion.  Each time we met, I left with a renewed sense of purpose and tangible next steps.  We also worked on my money mindset and she helped me find clarity around my money fears.  Bridget has a successful private practice and therefore has the credentials and experience to guide others to do the same.  She is a worthwhile investment and I HIGHLY recommend her as a coach…in fact, I have!  

                                  Laura Henderson, Psychotherapist www.laurahendersoncounseling.com

"I had worked with other coaches before and yet still found myself at a roadblock. When I began Bridget's program I knew instantly it was different. Her approach was REAL and HONEST. While at times the work was hard I know have a greater sense of self and understanding of others around me. This program has been life changing. I am able to embark on challenges with more ease. I find myself less uncertain and unhappy. My relationships and business have blossomed in ways I never thought were possible. Her ability to allow you to see what you are capable of through a combination of tough love and compassion is true, true magic. Within a few short weeks of working with her,  my life was already taking a different course and I was worried if the momentum would continue when I was done with the program. IT DID! Bridget teaches strategies and skills to continue to excel and grow even after the program is over. My life has been made more clear, my path is in front of me and regardless of what is in my way I know now I am capable of handling it. She is truly a gift to the world of business and success coaching." 

Marley Owens