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Becoming a Brave Being

Using Hard Feelings to Unlock Your True Self 

by Bridget Tedeschi & Alicia Lord

Everyday we struggle with difficult emotions. For many, these emotions become a paralyzing factor in their ability to live to their fullest potential or go after their truest desires. Often, these emotions, when left unprocessed, result in unhealthy coping strategies, fatigue and sometimes mental health issues. At the crux of it all, our cultural influences, conditioning and the world around us suggests we should distract ourselves or ignore our emotions, despite the fact that they can be powerful tools. Our emotions can actually be used to motivate and inspire us to uncover the essence of who we are.

Tedeschi & Lord use their years of experience as therapists and their own personal journeys with emotions as a tool to offer a new perspective on how to accept difficult emotions in your life. Through applying Tedeschi and Lord's process, readers are able to find more joy, excitement and passion in their lives. Through a detailed understanding of our brain’s role in this process, the retraining of our thought patterns and perceptions, and understanding emotions as energy, Tedeschi & Lord offer an approachable way to radically shift your perspective. Brave Being is a user friendly guide to seeing all difficulty as opportunity and embracing all the emotional facets of your true self.