business strategist for therapists

It's time to take a crash course in what graduate school forgot to teach you...

 One on One Private Practice Mentorship for therapists, counselors, and service based professionals, who are looking to go beyond theory and interventions, and step into total business building bliss. 

Let's get real for a moment, 

Your education was an absolute crucial investment to becoming a therapist. But it's now it's time to invest in becoming a business owner. 
In this 1:1 Mentorship Program, I am going teach you everything they left out in your degree program.

Here's the 10 Things I include (that school didn't):

#1 Getting Clients

You were meant to serve people, that's why you became a therapist. Yet, you aren't sure where to how to attract the clients that you want to work with. You didn't graduate with a pool of client's who are beating down the door to work with you, but I can show you how you can have more clients, so many you are booked solid.


#2 Determining Your Value

You have the right to make money as a therapist. It is difficult to determine how you should charge and what your worth is. I can work to help you make the necessary mindset shifts to be making consistent, supportive income. 

#3 Developing Your Marketing Style

Marketing is not a one size fits all approach. So we'll find marketing that works for you. You will never stress about marketing again. 

#4 Sales Blueprint

I know you're a therapist, you aren't in the business of sales. This is a total misconception! You absolutely are selling your potential clients a vision of the results they want to see. Without the proper blueprint, landing clients can often be hard. We will work to develop your sales blueprint, so you don't feel "salesy."

#5 The Secret to Self-Care

We all hear about it, but do we really practice it. Turns out working smarter, not harder is the secret to a lifetime of self-care. I will help you put things into autopilot so you can work less, and make more. 

#6 Define Your Ideal Client

Let's get real, real clear about who you are meant to service, and what message they need to hear. Developing your niche will skyrocket your client case load. 


#7 Tech Talk

In this time we all know we need to implement technology, but from SEO to websites to online ads, it can be an overwhelming to navigate. I will show you what is relevant for the service based professional. 

#8 Passive Profit Production

Did you know as a therapist you can make money beyond just face to face clients? Marketing analysts are suggesting that in the next 5 years all industries will need passive profit streams. So let's take your skill-set and reach more people who may not be able to come to your office. 

#9 Hiring a Dream Team

As you grow you are going to need to know who to hire when. Turns out you can't run a business all on your own. I will share the exact people I have running the behind the scenes of my business, from accounting to marketing. 

#10 Elite Level of Experience

I struggled to get my practice off the ground, worked multiple jobs, and at one point even thought "maybe I shouldn't work in this field anymore", so I get it.  It is with every part of my being that I want to help you make your dreams a reality and promise to support and challenge you on this journey to help you feel so good about your impact, influence, and income.

( the practical details )

12 - 60 Minute Coaching Calls for 3 months:

We meet for 60 minutes privately 12 times in 4 months. I believe that the best way to move towards success is with momentum. So we will be taking the fast track to increase your client caseload, meet business goals, master your marketing, to adopting new mindset techniques to unblock barriers that prevent you from achieving your dreams. (Valued at $12,000) 



I want to make sure you get everything out of your One on One Coaching experience. Therefore, we will determine what areas of your business you are most looking to improve. This will allow us to use the most of our time, and create the private practice strategies to fit your specific needs of your business.  (Valued at $500)


Unlimited Email Support:

Contact me anytime M-F for me to answer questions you may have about copy, marketing, client rentention, ethics, life... you get the picture. (Valued at $1500)



Payment Plan Available: Deposit of $1500 and 4 payments of $900

Only 3 Spots Available

*Discount if you pay in full 

oh wait there's more!


I want to make sure you have everything you need to have a Powerhouse Private Practice, so these bonuses are included in your investment. 

Website Consult

I have been told I should charge thousands for this, but you are getting it for free. Your web presence is crucial. Therefore we will get your website branded, efficient, and highly visible in your area of expertise. Value $997

Private Practice

Doc Set

12 pages of all the documentation necessary to begin your private practice. These docs will take hours off your start up time. They are also

completely modifiable for your brand and logo.Value $197

Spotlight Feature

Guest Adwords Expert:

Tessa Jackman

I want to share your success with everyone I know. Therefore you will get exclusive spotlight feature on my webpage, contact, and promotion of your message. Because everyone will need to know what you are about. $997

Private Practice

Doc Set

Conversions, analytics and keywords, oh my! This data impacts your bottom line. In her tutorial on Google Adwords, you'll know exactly how not to through money away.Value $297

 12 Coaching Sessions = $14,000    $5000

Plus Bonuses = $1500      FREE

$16,500 of value for $5000


The standard price people pay for one to one business coaching program like this is often between $10000-20000.

What's included in this course is based on what I have learned in 7 years of business owning experience and after, over a $100,000 investment in myself and my business.

You can try to do this all yourself (believe me, I tried that too) and you will spend many years waiting on your passion and most certainly making a profit. Or... we can start right now and have money in the bank in no time!

I am truly passionate about supporting my clients to the fullest of my abilities to ensure the most optimal business building experience, therefore my spots do fill up quickly. This is the only time I will be offering this program with my One on One personal support, for 1 WHOLE YEAR. So if you are serious about having success in your private practice, you are wanting to take action now and that you are meant to do BIG things in this world, then now is a time to say YES to YOURSELF! 

You were made to do BIG things on this planet and this time to start is now!

I know this all seems like a big commitment to yourself right now and there is a lot of fear coming up. I totally get it, and I am here for you. If you are feeling unsure about if this is the "right" next step for you, let's talk about it. Click below to book a 30 minute call with me, to see if this would be a good fit. 


"I have been working with Bridget for a year now, and I can honestly say that it has been a year of intensive growth, professional development, and self-empowerment. She has been a mentor for me in every possible realm of my private practice. Bridget has helped me hone and build upon my skills and utilize my personal strengths, resulting in my ability to provide a higher quality of service to each and every client who walks into my office. She has questioned and confronted my stories until I was clear and congruent about what I truly want for my business, for my income, and for my life as a whole. She has been my guide through the worlds of marketing and business ownership; fields that I had no previous experience in. She has been the light that illuminated my own process—from the patterns in my life that were not serving me professionally and personally, to the obstacles preventing me from really going after my goals wholeheartedly. Above all, Bridget has helped me to understand that I get to create and dictate my own reality, I get to have faith in myself, and I get to wake up everyday feeling passionate and worthy in my work."

Alicia Lord, Therapist

"Bridget has challenged me in ways I never thought were possible. She is empathetic, yet honest. She knows how to push you beyond your limits but is sensitive to your needs. I have seen this in myself and many of the others she works with. Her skillset for understanding out human experience to enhance our daily lives is profound. In the time I have worked with her I have seen many changes in my life and work. Prior to working with her I often found myself in repeating patterns and deadends with a lack of understanding of how to create flow and ease in these areas. Her teaching and coaching have led me to be able to implement consistent solutions, regardless of the challenge. I now feel I have more say in my destiny, the ability to handle my emoitons, and the energy to face all of my fears. She is an extrodinary women who has a massive impact on noy only my life, but many others she comes into contact with. I highly recomend the opportunity to work with her, as she says, 'your life will be very different'."

Geneieve Johnson

I am so grateful for the 3 months I worked with Bridget.  Even as I was experiencing fear and doubt about beginning my psychotherapy practice, Bridget used her humor and calm demeanor to help me reconnect with my WHY and my passion.  Each time we met, I left with a renewed sense of purpose and tangible next steps.  We also worked on my money mindset and she helped me find clarity around my money fears.  Bridget has a successful private practice and therefore has the credentials and experience to guide others to do the same.  She is a worthwhile investment and I HIGHLY recommend her as a coach…in fact, I have!  

                                  Laura Henderson, Psychotherapist

I especially liked the marketing advice, and wish we could have spent more time on each marketing concept. The group both clarified some things for me, but also left me with many more questions. It left me wanting to work with Bridget further to both clearly identify my vision and gain personalized insight, advice, and mentoring. Bridget is personable, funny, goal oriented, and provided space for ample discussion. Her style is a perfect combination of care and challenge. 

                                  Tanya Kearns, Psychotherapist


Who is this program for?

Therapists, counselors, service based entrepreneurs looking to take massive action to create the business and life of their dreams. You are ready to step up to the plate and do whatever it takes to turn your passion into profit in your private practice.


How is this program structured?

This program has some structured components, such as your online training's, but ultimately gets to be what you want to make of it. I want you you to have the most out of your experience and therefore will only explore areas that are of interest to you or that you feel are most necessary for you business. Additionally, I am not in the field of sugar coating and therefore you can plan on honest, real, effective business feedback to ensure you are a mega success.

Can I do this while still working my job?

Yes! I know that some of you are just considering private practice and may still be working for someone else. That is totally fine, in fact part of our work with getting you prepped to take that leap of faith. I would recommend to keep you job especially if you do not have savings to support you. You will ideally want some cash flow to invest in your business and take care of you necessities when you are first starting out.


What makes this program different?

What makes this program different is that this real business coaching, for real, passionate practitioners who do not want to compromise there life's purpose for major profit. This is a fast track program to building a business and life that is true to who you are. My previous students have suggested I am a no b.s. coach, because I want you to be successful and not waste another moment of your life doing something that does not light you up. You are meant for big things and I will push you to go and get them.

Do I always have access to the FB group and the training's or do they go away? 

Everything is yours from the moment you enroll. Therefore you will always be a part of our exclusive Facebook group and will always have access to any of the training, documents or online courses that I have distributed to you. This information is not intended to be re-purposed, but rather an ongoing resource to you throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

When do we start and when do I meet with you?

We will start ASAP. Once enrolled we will begin within 2 weeks. We will schedule out our 3 month journey upon enrollment, so you know when we are meeting. Our meetings will take place on Skype or in the office depending on your location and preference.


When can I expect my business to take off?

Also, ASAP. This is really up to you. Everyone has different goals and expectations for their business and we want to make sure to honor what is "right" for you. We will be sure to carve out your specific goals and markers to stay on track with what's next and elevate your success.  

What if I do not know if private practice is right for me, is this program still useful?

This is a great question to be asking yourself and it's okay to know know the answer. This program most certainly help you in understanding if working in private practice is right for you or how you want to specific your business. This is a part of the process to explore and discover what is right for you. I want to meet you where you are at and help you in whatever way it useful to you.