with Success Coach Bridget Borsdorf

Private Practice with 

Passion, Purpose & Profit

March 4, 2017 @ 12:00pm MTN

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in this workshop we will cover:

Passion & Purpose

A clear vision for what your passion and purpose are. Carve out the exact desires you have in your business, to create massive influence and impact. Eliminate those barriers that prevent you from your dream practice!

Marketing & Branding

Get groundbreaking advice and ideas for branding, and marketing your business. How to be a standout amongst the competition and to become a leader in your field. Become a sought out expert!   

Income & Impact

Implement all this insider information to generate a well deserving income, and lifestyle. Realize you can stop trading hours for dollars and create you ideal schedule. It's time to claim your financial freedom!      

About Bridget Borsdorf 

Hello, I am Bridget!  

Open your heart to the world and anything is possible for you. I live by this in business, in relationships in life. And I can truly say, IT WORKS! It has become my mission to help others move out of stuck and into abundance, creating the life, the business they had always dreamed. I am not lucky and this did not happen like magic, it has taken a lot of growing pains to create my dream life. I don't want you to struggle like I did, I want you to feel like everything you have ever dreamed is right at your finger tips. Sure, it will require some work, but if I can do it so can you. Starting a Private Practice often hands us lots of questions and fear too, but I am here to guide you through this process and make it as simple as possible. Whether your vision isn't entirely clear, or you just have basic business questions, I can support you to create your business with PASSION AND PURPOSE.  I look forward  to meeting you live and from the deepest place of gratitude I thank you for finding your way here and beginning the journey to becoming a badass boss. 

What other people are saying...

Working with Bridget was a positive experience for me in that I was given the space I needed to explore new ideas and leave questions open without pressure to fix myself.  I always felt inspired to bring my own, personal style  and explore my unique interests.  Bridget was skilled in reflecting back to me challenges that were arising in my life and how it related to my own process and personality. - Jodi Alieksaites

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