3 Things Every Female Entrepreneur Should Know Before Starting a Business

So you want to start a biz? Of course you do, why wouldn't you? Being a female entrepreneur gives you the opportunity to set your own schedule, work on things that really fire you up, and most importantly place your personal stamp on the world. As someone who has owned a business and failed, i wish someone would have clued me in a few things first before I opened up shop.

So here I am to provide you with 3 Things Every Female Entrepreneur Should Know Before Starting a Business:

1.) Know who you are

One of the biggest mistakes i see other female boss ladies make is they are trying to market themselves as someone else, rather than knowing their authentic self. Believe me I did this, I looked at all sorts of female entrepreneurs and thought, "ok, so if i just do it like they do it, I will be a success." Nope! Not at all! You need to be you. You get to develop a unique brand that speaks to you and will then attract the clients you love working with.


Yes, i know starting a business is a huge leap of faith which comes with a high dose of the FEAR FACTOR. The reality is the opposite of Fear is Excitement, so this fear factor energy can have a significantly positive influence on your biz. It's the idea that if it doesn't scare you then you are dreaming big enough. This fear can motivate and inspire you that there is no other option to succeed. So let's kick it in the face and get on to our dreams.

3.) You Can Do it

You are going to doubt yourself or may have others doubt you too. And let me just tell you I am here to say, YOU GOT THIS! You will be your greatest supporter on this journey, so remind yourself of that when you are feeling down or have hit a bump in the road. Just keep going, knowing that all these little hiccups are just gentle nudges to keep you on track to your inspired destiny.

Want more support and knowledge around these things, head over to my Work With Me page to see what offerings are available. I am truly passionate about all these things and so much more and would love the opportunity to work with you and help you fulfill your business dreams.



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