Fear Factor: Your Greatest Asset to Online Biz

n a previous post I talked about how kicking your "Fear Factor" in the face was important to know before becomes a Badass Boss Lady. I have had lots of questions about how to approach getting over Fear and I would love to share some of them with you today.

1.)Know your fears

You have to know what you are scared of. How are you going to break through it if you have no clue what you are even dealing with. This might mean having to take a close, in-depth look inside yourself to see what those block may be.

For me my biggest fear was Becoming Successful. Now if that isn't totally confusing. I know i had to allow myself the opportunity to see my successes, feel them inside me and imagine what life would be like when I got there. I had some deep dark thoughts around what success meant. Such as: success brings more problems, i didn't deserve it, others would judge me.

Once I got real with myself around what these underlying stories were around my fear I was able to tell myself they weren't true and that I was derserving, adequate and that others would support me. We make up some crazy things in our minds, and this is the heart of where we can have massive power to change the direction of our lives.

2.) Become Friends With Fear

Fear is just a mind powered emotion. Fear is used as a tool in our bodies to protect us. If we think about this in a basic sense, there is the authentic fear when death or something very extreme may be present and then there is the manifested fear of the stories in our minds that invite the sensation of fear.

I suggest when that fear comes on board, perhaps it is a rumble in your tummy or a lump in your throat, you get close to it. Let it know it's ok to be there and that at the moment there are really no REAL threats to your being. You are strong enough to connect with this fear and allow it to exist with no judgement.

3.) Fear is Favorable

Fear actually can be a powerful tool in your business. I notice it is one of my greatest. The reality is fear will never completely go away, so we might as well use it for something. I use my fears as a gauge to push and challenging myself. If it starts to feel easy or familiar usually there is no FEAR FACTOR, so i know i need to rev myself up, and do something new.

I remember trying to push my fear aside, ignore it and be intimidated by it. That's why my first business failed, i wasn't willing to take it head on. That's the difference between those who are successful and unsuccessful, they have the willingness to dive in head first.

I invite you to dig deep into your fears and move towards them not away from them. This will unlock immense success in your business and life.



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