Move Mountains in Your Business

I often talking about Moving Mountains in my own business and today I would like to share with you what that really means to me. For you it may hold a different meaning and I encourage you to dig deep to see how this may resonate.

In June 2007, I moved to Colorado, only temporary at the time to do some personal discovery, take a break after college, and live out a dream of mine. This was a huge leap of faith. I had never lived more than 2 hours from home. I was now 18 hours from home. Knowing that this would only be a three month occasion I knew I went for it, full of fear, unknowns and yet the greatest feeling of liberation and excitement.

Like many transitions it sure did go as smooth as I thought. I had a hard time finding a job, didn't have any friends and found myself after 2 weeks packing my car up, calling my mom, and letting her know I was on my way home. In a serious state of panic I recall my mom encouraging me to take a deep breath, allow this journey to take its course, and trust that this will work out.... she said, "all good things take time."

These words have stayed in my heart ever since. Miracles do not happen over night, taking big risks does cause panic, and if you see it through it is totally worth it. I ended up not just staying in Colorado for that summer, but have been here for 11 years since. I am in awe constantly of this beautiful place and the beautiful life I have been able to create here.

When I took the leap of faith to switch gears in my life and business, I recalled those wise words once again. Knowing that there would be struggle, that it would take time, yet on the other side I would be able to move mountains! I feel more empowered and encouraged than ever.

You can move mountains to in your life in business. Take that leap of faith into your destiny. Ride the waves of support and challenge and then bask in the other side of your dreams, your desires coming to life.



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