Life is Short

It is unfortunate that it only takes the wake of tragedy to remind us how short this life is. That the fact of the matter is it could be over at any moment, any second, or any day. While our country is mourning another tragic incident I invite all of us to sit with ourselves, recall our deepest desire, stare at ourselves in the face and say... what am I waiting for?

There is nothing worse than saying "I missed my chance" or "if only I could have said." It these moments that invite us to take major action in our lives. For me I would like to choose not to bank on these moments as times to make a difference in my own life, yet I know the reality

is many people are awakened in the fearful actions of others. It is hard to say, but for that I am grateful. We need to wake up, (everyday, not just in mourning) live our lives, feel what we feel, so if by some fatal, unexpected event occurs we are able to look at ourselves in the face and say, "I came here to do everything I intended to do and will continue to do so until my time has ended, whenever that may be."

Deepest sorrow for those mourning the deaths of innocent lives in a place that is far closer to home than we know. <3 <3 <3 <3


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