Authenticity Creates Expertise

I was listening to a Podcast this week and the topic was "Becoming and Expert." At first it seemed like some quality information and thought provoking as I shift gears in my career and aspirations. About half way through I began to laugh out loud at this idea. Becoming an expert? This would imply that I have no expertise in my area of work, nor do I possess any qualities that would make someone seek me out my services.

All this feels quite deceiving. As a know that I truly possess gifts that can promote acceptance and change in other's lives. Whether this is working as a therapist, a parenting coach, a business coach or with family and friends. I am an expert. There is no further studying, knowledge or information that I must acquire to somehow reach "Expert" status. In fact, the concept becomes an illusion that creates a repetitive pattern of making us wait to launch our programs and services.

I have come into contact with many clients and professionals who state, "I need more experience" or "I probably need to take a course on that." NO! You are the expert of your life and destiny. You hold all the wisdom you need. You have something to offer. There is no need to fall into the "Expert" trap that will disempower you from taking the action steps towards what is true for you.

The real expert is someone who can stand in there truth, be vulnerable in the presence of others, and allow themselves to fully embrace who they are. Authenticity creates Expertise. Showing up as your true self everyday, allows others to trust you, be attracted to you, and feel empowered in your presence. This is what we are seeking, truth. Not 800 credentials, elite academic power, or a world class resume. You are you, and you are an expert.

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