The "Not Good Enough" Story

For most of my life, the concept of not-good enough has struck many times. While I am not sure where exactly our brain latches onto this idea and runs with it, I often get curious about how to combat this self-sabotaging thought. I have seen this to be the source of much struggle for not only myself, but many of my clients. We tell ourselves we are not good enough because we are scared to be unstoppable.

I have come to the realization that this particular thought becomes so integrated into the brain, that we often find it easier to remain in this state, rather than inch our way out. Of course, our brain loves efficiency and replaying old thought patterns over and over and over again allows it to work in this way. The reality of this concept and what I have seen with so many people is that this thought pattern is not sustainable. In fact, this thought pattern prevents us from doing the things we enjoy, participating in relationships we want, and creating forward motion in our lives.

Let me tell you a brief anecdote about my “not good enough.” I believe it reared its head when I was child. I naturally wanted to participate in things I was good at, rather than try something new or different. For fear of failing, not getting it right or simply not being good enough at it. I conditioned myself to not take risks, to play it safe and to not feel the struggle that may ensue if I were to attempt something hard or difficult. This process translated into much of my life and relationships. I was often defeated, unaware of what was in my way, and constantly living in fear. Until the moment I said, “Aha!” That’s it! Not good enough was just a different form of fear. I have spent many years developing a relationship with my emotions and when I attached this thought to the emotion I began to believe I could handle it.

I share this with you, because often we get so stuck in the “head-y” context of what our emotions are communicated to us. This thought “I am not good enough” is just a message for us to feel something. For me, it’s fear. For you, it may be something else. I invite you to check in and see what emotion your “not good enough” is wanting you to feel.

I do not want to live a life in the shadows of believing I am not good enough or more so, letting this be my fate. I want to be able to experience relationships and life at its fullest, which may mean it will be scary at times. I want to face my fears, face myself, and allow myself the opportunity to be totally unstoppable.

Have you ever noticed this thought coming up?

Is this a block or barrier in your life?

As always love any feedback or insight!



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