But wait, what about 2016?

We are two short days from a new year. Amidst all the “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU”, “GOAL SETTING”, and “MAKE THIS YEAR THE BEST YEAR YET”, I find myself filled with grief. Grief of the year that has just ended.

It is so often that as we approach a new year, we become so fixated, committed, and obsessed with our next plans and ambitions, that we forget about the 365 days that just occurred. I have to say I am guilty of this, too. In fact, just yesterday I hosted a workshop entitled “Dream Big, Achieve Big: Goal Setting for the New Year”. It was as I was anticipating this training that I realized I was so focused on “what’s next” that I had forgotten about what has already happened.

As I began to think back I recalled so many things: my commitment to my business, my increase in sales, the number of people I have gotten to influence, the relationships that have ended and began, the Cubs winning the World Series, the time I spent with the people I loved, the 5 year anniversary of my father’s death, the doors that closed and certainly the ones that opened. I was in awe of all the things I had achieved, created, and in the midst of all was overcome with grief of saying goodbye to the year 2016.

I am resistant to select this as the “best year,” because “best” is arbitrary after all. But I am willing to say I am very sad for it to come to an end. I have been overjoyed with my growth and learning. I will never get this year again; no year to come will ever be just like this one.

I am perplexed how quick we are to say sayonara to what has just happened in effort to get onto what’s next; without even knowing what “next” will bring. So I am sitting in the goodbye of a 365 day experience that has pushed me, enlightened me, and most importantly tested me, allowing me to move closer to all that I desire and become the person I choose to be.

As an advocate for ambition and success, on some level I understand our intensity for creating resolutions to hold ourselves accountable in our lives. But this year, I am sitting still. Realizing I have just spent a whole year witnessing myself naturally become who I am supposed to be. This grief is a gift, not a disgrace. It is the brilliance of knowing that every year I evolve. I build trust from the inside out. A sense of knowing that wherever I am going I will get there, in due time. No need to run or rush, just let it all happen.

For those of you who have joined me in my last year journey, I am so grateful. Each of you have been such a gift in my journey. I have learned to love, to trust, to commit. I have started writing, teaching, working out, listening more, waking up early…. and on and on. It’s clear so much can happen in year, so what the rush in getting on to the next one?

So as you approach your NEW YEAR, don’t forget about that OLD YEAR. The one that has prepared you for your next journey, your next goal or maybe even nothing at all.

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