Free Marketing Channels for Therapists

When you are starting your Private Practice, it may be possible that you do not have a lot of extra budget for marketing, so utilizing Free Marketing Channels is crucial to the building of your business. Who doesn't like free,right? So here is a list that I have come up with to begin marketing and attracting your ideal clients!

1) Tell all Your Peeps

It's time to shout from the rooftops your Passion and Purpose. What I mean by this is, the people already in our life are a great way to begin building YOUR LIST. The money is in the list, and will be crucial as your business develops, to inform people of special offers or upcoming events. So start by making a spreed sheet of all the email addresses, of people you know. This means, your mom, your cousin, your neighbor, friends, colleagues... you get the just, pretty much everyone who you have access to there email address.

Often when I tell people to do this they say, "what's the point" and the point is, I cannot tell you how many therapists I know who aren't sharing there message with all the people they know. Also, sending out a blast about who you are, your work, your practice, your upcoming event, there is an energetic message that goes out into the world, proclaiming that you are ready to receive clients. This is your STATEMENT, LAUNCH, etc. For the record I have seen a lot of magic come from this experience, such as client referrals, positive thoughts, uber support etc. There is nothing to lose on this.


It's time to make some friends in the biz. You may not be a super extrovert, but you don't have to be to connect with others. Meeting other people who provide services that you don't can be an avenue to a magical referral stream. I would suggest at least 1 meeting a week, with someone who potentially could help you. Something important to remember is this is just about making a connection and letting this person know how you can help them too. I tend to like to make the whole meeting about them and emphasize how I possibly could help them. Linked In is great for this.

3) Posting

Facebook groups often allow you to become and member and share about your services. Posting FREE EVENTS that you are offering, to provide a lot of value to people who could be interested in your services.

5) Writing

You do amazing work with your clients on a daily basis and have lots to offer the world. So put it into writing! There are lots of news sources, online journals, blogs, etc. that are constantly looking for talent to publish there articles. Many of my clients have become Published Authors and Regular Contributors, how cool is that?

So there you have it! So you have no excuse to not get started marketing now. This is FREE Marketing for you Private Practice. Let me know how it goes.

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