Become Booked Solid in Your Private Practice

So you are thinking you would like to be fully booked, no problem! Here are some helpful ideas of how to get fully booked in your private practice starting today.

1) Mindset

Time to crush all those fears and doubts that are ruminating about how you cannot possibly have all the clients you want in the world. If you want them, you can have them. This is where I channel Wayne's World, "if you book them they will come." So no, we aren't booking bands here, but similarly develop you vision on what clients you want and how many of them you would like. Insiders Tip: 40 is not a healthy option

It doesn't take more clients to make more money, that's just want people tend to think. You want to define your ideal clients and have the amount of them that is right for you time and schedule. Then if you charge the right per hour, you will not need to work harder. You will just be working smarter.

2) Energy

High vibes are so important. This is not to say that you will just say you want clients and they will come. We of course needs to have all the necessary pieces in place to make that happen. But what I am saying is that if you want 10 Clients, You need to energetically commit to 10 clients. You will be saying that's how many you will get, you will be doing something every day to attract them, and you will be squashing all doubt and uncertainty.

If I say I am going to do something, that means I am going to do it. That energy says a strong message to the universe to push me towards that goal (if it's intended for me at this time). If it still feels like it isn't working, then you always get the blessing to reevaluate. Things work out that are meant to! You being a great success is meant to be.

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