Presence is Priceless

There is a great deal of suffering, pain, challenge, conflict, whatever you choose to call it happening in our collective world. It is brought to my attention every day, whether it be the clients I work with, the natural catastrophes, or even my own life experience. In these times, for many it is difficult to understand the lesson, the purpose, or even to maintain a level of hope and optimism for the future.

I wanted to offer something around this… Often I find the meaning in everything, whether the experience bring joy or grief. Recently, I (like many of you) was faced with a challenge that was paralyzing, difficult, and even as attempted to develop clarity, I was left with total confusion. What I realized is, that it is not necessary to understand, or make meaning of it. All we really can do is acknowledge that with time, may come understanding, purpose or clarity. There is no rush. We get to know when we get to know, and that time may not be now.

However, what is necessary, is to be available for ourselves, or to be available for others who around us may be faced with a challenge. Even as we witness it can often be confusing of how we can support, show love, or lend a hand. And I can tell you that your PRESENCE is priceless. I have received, notes, flowers, high vibes and love, from those around. Everyday I can feel this energy and it is vibrant, it is life, it is the light in the darkness.

Whether it comes from within or out, I assure you, there is light in the dark. So for those of you who feel heavy, hopeless, fearful, overwhelmed, if it feels impossible to show up for yourself, I invite you to find someone who can help hold you, BE PRESENT FOR YOU, until you can learn to stand on your own two feet. There is someone out there who knows exactly what you are going through and is ready, willing, to support you in the process of being present for yourself, and most importantly understanding that all experiences have purpose and meaning even if we may never get to know the answer.

The only way for us to change in our world, is to see the world differently. Be kind to one another.

Peace & Love,


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